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Our Designer's Inspiration Guidebook has 100 pages of beautiful installations from around the world and we would love to feature your home or commercial space among them. After all, who doesn't love to see the results of their decorating efforts in print.

Submit your photos TODAY via the form on this page.   Feel free to submit as many as you wish! 

Entries which are featured in the book will also receive a complmentary copy to show your friends, family & clients. 

Photo Contest

If being featured isn't enough inspiration to submit your photos, how about a $1,000 Gift as well?  The best photo entry each year will be rewarded with a $1,000 Frame My TV Gift Card OR a $500 Amazon Gift Card so be sure to submit some great photos!   FYI ... only about 30 people a year take the time to submit photos, so your odds are much better than you might realize. 

Follow These Tips to Increase Your Odds of Winning

  • Stage the space a little, because afterall you are about to be featured in a magazine
  • Submit a few photos from different angles (the more we have to pick from the better)
  • If you have BEFORE / AFTER photos, we LOVE those!
  • If you have a TV mirror, be careful, not to be visible in the reflection of the mirror.
  • If you have a TV Art Cover, submit photos with the art up, half way, and down ... and why not a video!!
  • If you have a video, send that along as well, Social Media loves videos! 
  • When we have a review to go alongside the photo, it's a great way to complete the experience.
    • Visit any or all of these sites to submit a review... Google Reviews,  Trustpilot,  Houzz    (and since you have a photo, you may as well add a photo to your review right??)

The Current Issue

The current issue was published in April 2017 and the next issue is expected to be published Summer 2018. Here you can view the curren issue. 

Designers Guidebook